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About Natasha

Natasha Laura Necas was born September 28th, 1987 and was raised in Titusville, PA.  She is a Nutrition major at Penn State University, where she met some of her greatest friends and had some of the best times.  When younger, she enjoyed the arts and gymnastics.  In college, she worked at the Penn State Creamery and the Engineering Library.  She graduated in May 2010 and hopes to have a career in health.

About Chris

Christopher Michael Breen was born on November 19, 1986 near Houston, Texas.  He lived for most of his life in Erie, Pennsylvania where most of his time was spent at Erie Gymnastics Center.  He graduated from Seneca High School in 2005 and attended The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA.  He graduated from Penn State in 2009 with a degree in Kinesiology.  While at Penn State, Chris joined the Penn State Gymnastics club, and worked at the University Creamery.  He will soon be attending Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

How we met

These two actually met one day while Natasha was working at the Creamery when she was suddenly recognized by her old gymnastics teammate Katie Jo from Franklin YMCA.  She introduced her friends and invited her to lunch.  At lunch, Natasha met Katie Jo's friends and remembered in particular her friend "Breen" who also worked at the Creamery.  Thinking Breen was the most unusual first name she had ever heard and always willing to make friends, she signed up for a shift at the Creamery with him in hopes of making a new friend (and feeling rather foolish when discovering Breen was his last name). 
When working at the Creamery, they became fast friends and always had lots to talk about.  When Natasha quit in April, they were both very sad but promised they would keep in touch.  Over the summer they talked and decided to travel down to State College together for The Arts Festival, which brought them even closer together.  Though neither realized the other's feelings, their friendship would soon blossom into the wonderful relationship that they share today.

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